One of My Latest Piece

Here is one of the custom designs I created this year. This handmade 18K gold ring mounting holds the customer’s diamond and two Tsavorite garnets from my collection of gemstones. Bezel settings are ergonomic and protect and accentuate gems. The forged shank provides balance and strength. When you are ready to have me make a special new design, need an appraisal or fine jewelry repair, please make an appointment to visit me in my atelier.

Keith’s tips on jewelry care

Chemicals, heat, impact and abrasion can damage jewelry. Diamonds can chip and bedsheets can wear down metals.It is important to keep jewelry clean to avoid rashes, reduce wear and keep it looking best. Warm water with dish soap and a soft toothbrush is good for most pieces. Dry with a soft cloth. Polishing cloths are fine for metals but avoid softer gems like pearls. Store pieces so they don’t touch. Have jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected occasionally.